Add Flow Steps

Flow steps define specific functions that accomplish a variety of tasks. Steps carry out the actual work of a flow, and there are a variety of different types of flow steps. For more information, see Flow Steps.

Once you’ve added a flow, you can start adding steps.

3. To add another step, select the Plus sign where you want the step to be inserted. You can add steps before or after existing steps, or at the same level or nested under existing steps. 

4. In the Edit Step window (also called step drawer), enter a Name for the step and select a step Type. The step Id field automatically generates based on the name you enter. 

5. Select Save and Deploy to Staging, or select the arrow and Save Draft Version to add the new step to your flow.

6. Repeat to add as many flow steps as needed for your flow.

7. Select Deploy to Staging to make your flow accessible to other customer workspaces.

8. When you're finished with your flow and verified it runs, select Promote to Main to start using the flow in the main environment. 

The Promote to Main message displays, listing all workspaces that registered your flow and will be affected by promoting it to main.

9. Select OK.