Actions are what allow you to create, update, and delete data in an external system. In a flow, you can create actions, as well as trigger other flows when a particular action finishes. 

Create an Action

Use the Post to a Network App step to create an action. When you create an action, you define the exact type of data you want to act on and how you want to act on it. For more details about fields and values, see Post to a Network App.

For example, the action defined in this flow step is to update or insert (upsert) a ProjectSight RFI.

Trigger Other Flows On Action Completion 

You can use a completed action to trigger another flow. When setting up the trigger, choose the trigger type based on what you want the flow to do. Trigger types include Cache Write, Action Close Out, and On Demand. For more information about when to choose each trigger type, see Triggers.

In this example, the Action Close Out trigger will start the flow whenever the ProjectSight RFI Upsert action is not successful.