Cache Write


A cache write is the App Xchange terminology for App data being Created, Updated or Deleted in an App by a user of that App.
Cache writes may occur in real time or on a schedule depending on the given implementation of the Connector. The main goal of cache writing is to present an Apps data to the Platform in a way that a user can interact with the cache write events in Flow.

Cache Writing in Flow

Connectors that offer the feature can cache limited sets of data to interact with in flow. If a workspace is only interested in a specific Projects or Vendors data it is advantageous to cache write related data from a Flow as opposed to scheduling cache write jobs, which offer far fewer filtering capabilities.

Cache writing in flow is currently only available if the flow trigger is On Demand.

Cache Write Flow Step

When Action outcomes are completed they also may cache write data to ensure that the state of the cache stays in sync. While this is best practice it is the Builder of the Connectors job to perform this so it is not universally true that the cache state will be in sync following Actions targeting that system.