Combine Delimited Files


The Combine Delimited Files step is used to combine 2 or more delimited files into a single delimited file. Commonly this step is preceded by one or more Lookup steps to get data to combine, and followed by a Post to Network App step to send the combined file to its destination. The output of the step is a pointer which includes the file’s ID as well as a URL for accessing it.

Using the Combine Delimited Files Step

Start by creating a new step, choosing an appropriate name for it, and choosing “Combine Delimited Files” as the Type. The following step-specific fields will appear:

File API (required)

Choose “File API” unless you know for certain your delimited files were uploaded through the Legacy File API.

File IDs

Enter the IDs of the files you wish to combine.

File Name

The name of the combined file you are creating. This can be static or dynamic, based on available data (e.g. date, flow/step data, etc.)

NOTE: although this field isn’t marked as required, you are highly encouraged to specify a name; failing to do so could lead to unexpected behavior.

Has Header Row

Turn this on if the files you are combining have header rows. The header rows will be preserved in the combined file.

Line Ending

Your preferred line ending format: Unix (LF) or Windows (CRLF). If you are unsure or have no preference, you can leave the value as “Unspecified”.