Conditional steps are used to determine the correct actions to take based on whether certain criteria are met. For instance, it may be used to determine whether to move on in the flow or halt processing, depending on the data values or the outcome of a previous step. A common Conditional Step checks that the output of a previous step is not empty.

You can select If or If/Else for the condition type.

Conditional steps are often used at the beginning of a flow to narrow the goal of the flow to verify the flow should run, though they can be used at any time.

Input Fields


Select whether the conditional type is If or If/Else.


Set up the condition under which this flow will run. This condition needs JavaScript evaluation.

Resulting Step Statuses

The following statuses may result after running the conditional flow step:


Occurs when the conditions were met


Occurs when the conditions were not met

Step Output

The output of the Conditional flow step is when the condition is determined to be true or false.

Use Case and Example

You would use the Conditional flow step to determine which path in the flow to follow if conditions are met. Examples include:

 The Conditional step is used in this flow to tell App Xchange to continue the flow path if a relationship exists between Spectrum and ProjectSight. This data is sourced from the Lookup step.