Create User Task


The Create User Task step is used to create remediation tasks when something goes wrong. This is commonly used in tandem with the Action Close Out trigger type to generate a task when an action fails.

Getting Started

To use the Create User Task step, select “Create User Task” from the “Type” dropdown when adding a new flow step.

Create User Task Flow Step

After adding a title and description of your choosing, you’ll need to choose a type.

Note: The only available type at the time of writing is the Remediation type.

Step Detail

Remediation Tasks

If we choose Remediation as our type, the task that gets generated when our step executes will require user attention.

For the task definition initial value, we’ll hard-code some data. A more realistic value would be data from the faulty step that caused the remediation step to be called.

Remediation Task

Remediating Failed Actions

We can use a Create User Task step to provide options to remediate a failed action.

First we need to create a flow that triggers when an action fails. To do so, we need to set our trigger type to Action Close Out.

Edit Trigger

Next, we need to select our app and trigger. The trigger is the action that we want to monitor.

Edit Trigger

Finally, we need to choose which events that trigger the execution of our flow. In this case, we’ll select Failed.

Trigger Even

If we save our changes, we now have a flow that will trigger when the specified action fails.

Next, we need to add a Create User Task step that creates a remediation task. If we use the original step we created in “Getting Started”, the only thing we need to change is the task definition initial value.

Edit Step Detail

Instead of our hard-coded data, we can return dynamic data from the flow trigger.

Let’s modify it to something like this:

Task Definition Initial Value

This will expose the input data from the flow trigger to the generated task.