Create Work Item


The Create Work Item step is useful for deferred processing of data. Creating a work item allows you to mark a piece of work as unresolved. This item can be fetched later to avoid needing to handle all data transfers in real time.


When adding a new flow step, select Create Work Item from the step Type dropdown.

Create Work Item Step

For the Work Request Type, use a descriptive name that will help identify the type of operation being performed. This is used later in Work Tracking to group work item collections. For this example, we’ll name this as Processing Test. You may also choose an existing option from the dropdown, if any exist.

For the Work Request Key, use a key that groups items consistently. A common pattern is to use a date/time key. For this example, we’ll use the following:

return dayjs().format("MM-DD-YYYY");

Next, pick your App and Data Object.

Finally, set the Cache Id for the work item. A common value is the cache ID of the data object. This value typically comes from the flow trigger object or the output of a lookup step.

After the flow step runs, work items should display in the Work Tracking tab in your workspace.