The Email flow step allows you to send an email to one or more email addresses. This is useful if you want to send notifications when a previous flow step fails. 

Step Inputs

In the Edit Step menu, add the following details about the step and step configuration as needed for your flow.

When using the Email Step you can send an email to more than one person by using a comma to separate addresses. You can also select Expressions and enter code that outputs an array of email addresses.

Step Detail


The email addresses to which the email will be sent. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma or 


An expression that works with the Create Delimited File step to send an email, usually containing formatted data.


The subject of the email.


The content of the email. This can be an expression or string. The email body will adhere to a string in properly formatted HTML.

Step Dependencies

Dependent on Step Id

The step in the flow that will cause the email to be sent. 

Dependent On Step Result Status

The successful or unsuccessful status of the flow step that will cause the email to be sent.

Step Status

You may see one of the following statuses after running the Email step.


Occurs when:


Occurs when:

Step Outputs

The output of the Email step is the sent email.

Use Cases & Examples

Use the Email step when you want to receive notification of a step’s completion. This works well with the Conditional step. 

You can also create a flow with just the Email step, then use the Call A Flow step to call the Email step. This is useful when you frequently send flow result emails to the same addresses in the Email step.

If you create a flow with the Map to format data found in the workflow processing, and generate a file (typically a CSV) from the data in the Create Delimited File step, you can email that file in the Email step.