Encrypt File


The encrypt file step is used for taking a created or uploaded file and then encrypting the contents of that file. The output of this step is a file pointer of the encrypted file.

How to use

First you want to select which type of encryption method you want. At the moment the supported encryption methods are:

You’ll then need to indicate where the file you want to encrypt can be retrieved from and what the ID of the file is. This can be the output of a previously ran step.

Once the desired file is filled out you’ll then want to give the file a name and what private key you would like to use. If the workspace has a Concur integration and FTP credentials filled out then you may use an already uploaded key for that workspace. This is done by checking Use Existing Public Key and then selecting the desired key from the drop down. Otherwise you can use the text area to supply the private key.


Encrypt File Example