Get Work Items


The Get Work Items flow step lets you retrieve work items for processing or resolution.

This guide assumes you’re familiar with creating work items. If not, please read the Create Work Item step documentation before continuing.


When adding a new flow step, select Get Work Items from the step Type dropdown.

Select Work Item Type

Next, select a Work Request Type option from the dropdown menu. The available options should match values entered into the Work Request Type field in the Create Work Item step.

If no options are visible, you may need to create some work items using the Create Work Item flow step. 

Work Request Type

For the Work Request Key, choose a value that matches the group of work request items needing retrieval. For example, we can use the current date:

Work Request Key

This will fetch any work items that are grouped under the current date.

An optional step is to select a filter in the Filter by Resolution field. This lets us selectively return work items that match the selected resolution status.

Filter by Resolution

The default is Any, meaning items with any resolution status will be returned. 

Next, we need to choose an App and Data Object. These should match the values chosen when creating work items in the Create Work Item step.

Select App and Data Object

If needed, we can select properties from the given Data Object using the Properties to Select list.

For example:

Select Properties

Lastly, we can set the Optional Limit. This lets us limit how many work items are returned when our step executes.

By default all items are returned, but we could set a value of 100 if we wanted to batch them:

Optional Limit

Wrapping Up

When our flow step executes, it will return all work items that match the filtering criteria. This output can be used by other steps in our flow, like the Resolve Work Items step. To learn how to resolve work items, check out the Resolve Work Items documentation.

To see available work items, select the Work Tracking tab in your workspace. You can also check out the Work Tracking documentation for more info.