Parse CSV File to JSON


The Parse CSV File to JSON step outputs JSON from supplied CSV data. This step is commonly preceding by a Lookup step to get a CSV file. The output of the step is a JSON representation of the CSV data.

Using the Parse CSV File to JSON Step

Start by creating a new step, choosing an appropriate name for it, and choosing “Parse CSV File to JSON” as the Type. The following step-specific fields will appear:

File Contents(required)

Enter an expression pointing to the location of your CSV data.

Has Header Row

Turn this on if your CSV data includes data for a header row.

Starting Row Number

Enter the row number on which your data starts. It will default to starting from row 1 if no value is entered.

Columns To Include

Enter a comma-separated list of columns to include from your CSV data. If left blank, all columns will be included. If your data doesn’t have a header row, you can use numbers to indicate which columns to include. When doing so, the JSON will be output with property names like column1, column2, etc.