Parse Excel File to JSON


The Parse Excel File to JSON step outputs JSON from supplied Excel file. Supported file types include XLS, XLSX, XLSB, CSV.

Using the Parse Excel File to JSON Step

Start by creating a new step, choosing an appropriate name for it, and choosing “Parse Excel File to JSON” as the Type. The following step-specific fields will appear:

File ID (required)

Enter an expression that evaluates to the ID of the Excel file you want to parse.


Enter the name of the worksheet your data is on. Only 1 worksheet can be parsed at a time. If left blank, the first worksheet will be used.

Has Header Row

Turn this on if your Excel data includes a header row.

Starting Row Number

Enter the row number where your data starts. It will default to starting from row 1 if no value is entered.

Columns To Include

Enter a comma-separated list of columns to include from your Excel data. If left blank, all columns will be included. If your data doesn’t have a header row, you can use numbers to indicate which columns to include. When doing so, the JSON will be output with property names like column1, column2, etc.