Unrelate Data Object Flow

The unrelate data object flow step is used to remove the relationship of two data objects between connectors. This step is used when a relationship between data objects exists, and the flow author wants to delete this relationship.

Currently, relationships between objects are only created through the relate data objects flow step.

In order to unrelate two data objects, you have to provide the connector, data object and key for both objects.

Step Inputs

In the Edit Step menu, you can add details about the step configuration as needed for your flow.

Step Detail

For each object, fill in the following information.


The app in the data object relationship.

Example: Vista


The related data.

Example: Job Cost >JOb Phases v2


The primary key of the data object. 

Data Input for the key 

The data you need to input for the primary key. There may be more than one property that requires input. 

Step Status

The following statuses may result after running the unrelate data objects flow step:


The relationship between the data objects is removed.


An error occurred in one of the steps. The relationship was not removed.

Use Case

If you need to disconnect currently linked records, use this step.