Flow Run History

View a flow’s progress and run results on the Runs tab. You can also select each individual flow run to view additional details. 

Flow Run Statistics

When you select the Runs tab, you can view the following categories of run history data: Overall, Last Week, Last Day. This data includes details about the run statuses. For more information about statuses in general, see Flow Run Statuses.


This section displays the statistics for the entire history of the flow. As you can see in the screen shot, there have been a total of 6,741 flow runs, with only one run left unfinished. An unfinished flow will have one of the following statuses: 

Last Week

This section reports the status for the past seven days of flow runs. The statistics reported here ignore unfinished flows, therefore these stats are aggregated from flows that have a terminal status, one of the following: 

Last Day

This section is very similar to the Last Week section, but it instead reports flow run status details from the past 24 hours. 

Filter Flow Run Results

Filtering is needed in order to be able to search for past flow runs. You can choose from the following parameters to filter flow runs:

For example, you could filter for flow runs with a status of Exception in a custom date range: 

Run Information

In this final section on the Runs tab, you can see an overview of each flow run. This includes details such as:

Example of a flow that completed successfully:

Example of a flow that failed:

The actions and tasks progress bars are color coded. You can hover over the bars to see a breakdown of the values. For example: 

If you have appropriate permissions, on the far right of a flow run status, you may be able to perform the following tasks:

Run Details

Select a flow run to open the Run Details page. This lays out details including:

Certain details may have links to additional data. Select the blue text to view this data. 

Example of run details for a flow run that succeeded:

Example of run details for a flow run that failed: 

To see more, such as the JSON for each action, task, or outcome, select the link next to these categories.


Hover over the bar to see a breakdown of actions succeeded, pending retry, failed, and queued. 

Select the number of actions next to the bar for more details on each. The Actions window will open, displaying all of the actions posted during the flow’s run. This area allows you to filter and view details about each action. You can filter actions by the following statuses:

View an action’s input and output by selecting the Plus sign to the left of it. Additionally, select View Job Logs to see details on the processor that processed the action.

For example, an Action window with successful actions listed:


Hover over the bar to see a breakdown of tasks succeeded and queued. 

Select the number of tasks for more details on each. The task tab shows all of the tasks created during the flow’s run. View the following information about tasks:

Select the task to see the values that created the task, the time it was resolved, and the updated data after the task completed. For more information, see Tasks.


Select the value to view the emails sent during the flow run. You can see the following information:

Example of email details:

In the above example, you can see an attachment for the email and where that attachment can be viewed.