Flow Run Statuses

When a flow runs, it will have one of the following statuses. You can view a flow’s status by looking at the details on the flow Runs tab.


The flow has not started; it is waiting to be executed by the flow scheduler.

In Progress

The flow is actively running.


The flow is waiting on an external item, such as an action processor / cache writer or user task. Typically, a suspended flow is either awaiting an action to complete or awaiting a task to be resolved or canceled.


The flow finished in an expected way.


The flow author defined a path that intentionally stopped the flow run in a failed state.


The flow encountered an exception that was unaccounted for, so the flow run did not finish in an expected way. This is typically a runtime error with flow expressions but could include other situations, such as an issue with the engine itself. 


The flow run was stopped before it finished. This is typically when a user chooses to cancel the flow early.