Manage Users

App Xchange users are part of the larger company account. Users can be managed from the company’s account or workspace dashboards. You can set their permissions to determine what they have access to. 

There are two main parts of managing users:

You can manage users from a workspace with some caveats. Users invited from a workspace will belong to all workspaces that belong to the account.

Make sure you’re in your company account or workspace and select Users in the left pane. App Xchange displays the different users of your account and several tabs.

Users tab

App Xchange users and email addresses.

Service Accounts tab

App Xchange service account users and email addresses. Service Account users are almost exclusively used for connectors that require restricted access to the App XChange platform. 

Invites tab

Email addresses of invited potential users and when the invitation expires. Select the Show All? checkbox to see expired invitations.

Manage Invitations

You must invite a user to join your App Xchange account. Once the invitation is sent, it can be resent or revoked. 

Note:  A service user is a special type of user that is used almost exclusively for connectors that require restricted access to the App XChange platform. It should be rare that you need to create one yourself. Service users are unable to log in to App Xchange through the interface.

Invite a User

You can invite more than one user at a time if the users will have the same role. Once the user is invited, they’ll receive an email which will allow them to register with App Xchange and enter their own information.

It is not possible to change the email associated with an invite as this will invalidate the secure token associated with it. If you send an invite to the incorrect email, revoke this invite and send a new one.

The user will have to accept the invitation in order to be added to your account.

Revoke or Resend an Invitation for a User

If you sent the invite to the wrong email address or the person invited no longer needs to use App Xchange, you can revoke the invitation. If the person never received the invitation, you can resend it.

App Xchange sends or revokes the invitation. Refresh the Users page to see the updated invitations.

Edit a User

Once a user has accepted their invitation and their user account is set up in App Xchange, you will be able to make changes to this user as needed. Over time, you may find that you need to lock or restrict access of some users to resources on your account. 

Only users with an administrator role can change their account information.

Note: Users will need to log out and log back in before the new access level can take effect.

Lock a User

Locking a user will prevent them from having any access to the App XChange platform. This is usually reserved for old user accounts. Accounts can be unlocked. 

Modify a User

You can modify user information, including updating their email address, name, and phone number. You can also change their roles and permissions. 

Edit User Information and Permissions

You can change a user’s contact information and permissions, or lock the user out of their App Xchange account.