2024 May

Keep up to date with the latest changes in App Xchange.


Updated Flow Security

A new flow settings option will flag flows that contain sensitive data to prevent the flow from being viewed by users who do not have the correct permissions. This option can be turned off to allow everyone in the workspace to see the flow visualization. 

Flow Visualization

With the updated flow security, more users will now have access to the flow visualization. Those marked as sensitive will remain inaccessible. 

Schedule Health Dashboard

The schedule health dashboard has been added to the account level. See insights about your schedule health data with an at-a-glance look at the last ten schedule runs and health trends of those runs. 


Flow Visualization

Use the flow visualizer to see a visual representation of successful and failed flow runs. This can help determine the root cause of a flow error. 

Scroll down on the Flow Run History page to see visualization information.

New: Copy and Paste Flow Steps

When creating a flow that has a step similar to a flow that already exists, save time and make fewer mistakes by copying the existing flow step into your flow. You can then edit the steps in your new flow to fit your needs. Copying a parent step also copies the children.