2023.08.30 Release Notes

Integration Development Workspaces

In an effort to streamline the user workflow to build an integration product, we are introducing the concept of a formal integration development workspace that is tied to the integration definition. 

Integration Development Workspace will be created when new integration is created

The integration development workspace will be created when you create a new integration. This workspace is intended to be the spot where integration flows are developed and tested. 

You can see a list of integration workspaces on the integration

You can see a list of integration Development Workspaces. You can add a new integration development workspace as needed. 

Development Workspace Integration Builder Widget

To make working with a development workspace more efficient and seamless you now have access to the Development Workspace Widget in the header of the integration builder. The widget will allow you to sync and configure those integration development workspaces. 

Create a Flow From an Integration

You can now create a workflow from an integration via the integration builder. These flows will be created as Account-shared flows. A user will have to sync a workspace with that feature to get a flow registration created the first time

Flows created directly in a Workspace defaulted to Private

Flows created directly in a Workspace will be defaulted to Private. Previously, they were defaulted to Account-shared. You can update the flow settings to make them Account-shared if needed. But if you are creating this flow to be a part of an integration, you should alternatively create the flow through integration builder.