2024 February


New flow step: Create Text File

You can now add a Create Text File flow step for storing text values. For details, see Create Text File.

Quick access to OpenAPI connector documentation

You can now access all OpenAPI docs for each current App Xchange connector from the Connector Directory page in the App Xchange Help.


Flow step performance gains

You will now see performance improvements in the Map JSON List or Object, Filter, and Create Delimited File flow steps.

Map JSON List or Object flow step and flow.mapItem() updates


Improved Consistency in Connector Terminology

To ensure a more consistent experience across the platform, mentions of apps, connectors, and systems are now all referred to as connectors

In addition, the Post to a Network App flow step is now called the Connector Action step. The step still functions in the same way. 

Integration Builder Work Request Batching

The work request batching functionality is now available through the integration builder to help manage setting up the workspace feature. When a configuration is defined at the integration level and the integration syncs with the workspace, the work request definition will be set up on the workspace and start to accumulate work items using the integration batching configuration. 

This applies only to work request types with automatic batching. Work request types without automatic batching are generated by the flow runs.