Configure Connectors

After adding an integration to a workspace, you need to configure the connectors assigned to that integration. Configuration details vary for each connector. 

These settings are required for connectors that establish communication through the API or database of the target system. You must configure connector settings before data can flow in your integration. Connectors that establish connection through the App Xchange API do not require configuration settings.

A complete list of connectors and their configurations is coming soon.

3. Each connector requires unique configuration settings. Fill in the fields accordingly. 

For example, for the Vista by Viewpoint connector, you need to enter values including database connection strings, default companies, and other configurations, as you can see below:

4. In general, keep the Real-time Action Processing setting at the top toggled on. This setting enables the App Xchange platform to automatically send actions to the connector to create, update, or delete data.

5. Select Save.