Add Services

After adding a feature, you can add resources to the feature. Resources include services, flows, and flow templates. 

Services are specific to a particular connector and identify how data will move between systems. A service can be one of two types: 

You must have connectors identified for your integration before you can add a service to a feature, as the services you can choose from are specific to these connectors. As a flow author, you need to understand these connectors and the data mapping between systems. To learn about the connectors associated with your integration, view the Swagger documentation for the different modules. 

For a New service:

For an Existing service:

The Edit Service Configuration window opens. In the top section, you can edit the following fields:

Beneath these fields, there are a variety of data objects listed. These data objects are specific to the service you chose (and the service is based on the connector).

Important: Do not add the same service to a feature more than once. 

Next, add a flow to the feature. For more details, see Add Flows.