Add Features

After adding an integration, you can start building out the integration definition with features. A feature defines the functionality of one aspect of the integration. For example, a feature could be called Budget Exports and involve moving budget items from Vista to ProjectSight. 

Each feature should stand alone and be reusable for different customers. Integrations are made up of multiple features that align with the ways customers want to move data between systems. A given customer may want to activate only some or all of these features depending on the functionality that they want in their integration.

Feature statuses in the integration builder indicate where a particular feature is in development. The feature status assigned here does not impact functionality. (Note: The feature status assigned during integration registration does impact functionality. See the Features section of Onboarding and Activation for more details.)

Choose a feature status:

For example, the edit window for a feature in the integration builder. This feature is named Projects:

For details about adding a service to your feature, see Add Services.