Your App Xchange Account

Your App Xchange account represents your company and all the resources you own on the App Xchange platform. 

Depending on your account permissions, you can add integrations to your App Xchange workspace and add new users to your account. You can also see the connectors, integrations, and flows used by the account.

If you don’t see something listed here in your account, it may be because you don’t have the permissions set to see that information.

Account Menu


All the workspaces that are owned by your Account, whether the workspaces were created for testing or developing integrations or something else.


Workspaces owned by customers that use the integrations built by you and other account users. The customer will see the same workspace (in its main workspaces page). 

Apps (Connectors)

Connectors that have been authored by the user on your account. This is not the full list of connectors available for use. 


Integrations that you and other account users have built and authored.


Flows that users on your account have authored. Those will show up on that list. It's just a list of flows across all integrations and those created directly in workspaces. 


Users of App Xchange that belong to your account. These users have access to all workspaces and data associated with your account. 


Information about your account, including its name and when it was created.