About App Xchange

App Xchange is a platform that facilitates the flow of data between different apps within the construction industry. It helps solve common problems that exist when the same or similar data exists between many apps. For example, have you ever had to add the same project information in both Vista and ProjectSight? Our flows automate processes like these to ensure you only have to enter the data once. 

App Xchange introduction

App Xchange

App Xchange works by creating connections between services to pull data from one service to the other through flows. The data can be filtered, combined, extracted, grouped or otherwise organized, and the results can be sent to different apps, emailed, or otherwise communicated. Integrations can be standard and used by anyone who has access to them, while custom integrations are specific to a single customer workspace. 

What can I do with App Xchange?

App Xchange was built from the ground up to offer flexibility and ease-of-use to ensure a smooth and fast transition from project conception, planning, deployment and maintenance. 

In addition, the App Xchange team is constantly working to improve the functionality and experience. 

Who is App Xchange for?

App Xchange is for anyone within the construction tech industry with a need to integrate their data with other systems. We cater to a wide range of businesses in the construction industry and have key partnerships with software vendors that makes it easier to integrate your data. 

Focusing on the construction tech industry has provided a great insight into how our customers and partners operate, and it really shows in our platform and products.

Where do I go from here?

If you want to learn more about some of the features that drive our platform, head over to the Key Concepts section. 

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