Config Mapping

Config mapping is when you point an integration config to a flow config to associate the two together. 

Values you assign to the integration configs will be passed to their mapped flow config values. This makes it easier to set up config values once, then use them in other flows as needed.

An integration config can be mapped to multiple flow configs, but a flow config can only be mapped to one integration config.

The mapping process is different depending on if you add one flow or multiple flows at a time.

Map flow configs when adding one flow to an integration

 6. Review the details and select Save. 

Map flow configs after adding multiple flows to the integration

 3. At the bottom of the config details in the Integration Configuration Mapping section, select an integration config or enter a new one.

 4. Select Save. 

Unmap Flow Configs

Unmap flow configs from the integration builder

Unmap flow configs directly from the flow

You can verify that all configs are unmapped by checking the Configuration page in the integration builder. Select the config and verify that the Mappings tab is grayed out. This means the config is unmapped.