Schedule Health Dashboard

The Schedule Health widget displays data about schedule runs over the last 31 days. The graph displays a visualization of the schedule and statuses over time. The table displays schedule details including schedule name, time of the last finish, health status, and the health trend of the last 10 runs. 

Select the plus sign next to the workspace to see the details of each schedule.

The dots are a quick glance at the last ten schedule runs. Schedules being run as part of features in maintenance or onboarding mode are tagged as such.


The status column shows the results of the last 10 available runs. The schedule can have several statuses.


The schedule is no longer in use.


All of the displayed runs were successful.


The schedule is currently turned off.


At least one of the displayed runs was unsuccessful. 


Trends show an at-a-glance look at the last run.


The most recent run failed.


The most recent run was successful, but there was at least one failure in the previous nine runs.


The  most recent run and previous runs were successful.